Student notes – a mediating tool and a tool for identity shifts.

How do fifteen year-old students approach learning when they begin upper secondary school? And how is this approach connected to their demonstration of maturity and willingness to assume responsibility for their own education? This kind of questions kept emerging during a four-year longitudinal and ethnographic study that followed two students in their transition from Danish lower to upper secondary school and they constitute the focus of the sub study presented in this chapter. During this sub study, one observation continued to surface: students approach learning by writing notes.

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Titel: Student notes as a mediating tool for learning in school subjects
Forfatter: Torben Spanget Christensen
Institution: Institut for kulturvidenskaber, Syddansk Universitet
Udgivelse: On the definition of learning, s. 189-212
Genre: artikel
Omfang: 23
Årstal: 2016