The aim of this study is to follow institutional introductions of the number e with the framework of The Anthropological Theory of Didactics. To simplify the process of analysing these introductions two mathematical organizations are constructed. The first organization focuses on the introduction and the other one on the value of the number e. This article shows some hinders for students learning and familiarization with the number e within and between the observed institutions.

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Titel: Institutional practices in the case of the number e at upper secondary school in Sweden
Forfatter: Semir Becevic
Institution: Universities of Halmstad and Linköping
Udgivelse: The Anthropological Theory of the Didactical, s.79-95, Institut for Naturfagenes Didaktik, Københavns Universitet
Genre: Paper til fremlæggelse
Omfang: 17
Årstal: 2011