Although several studies investigate the effects of school resources on student performance, these studies tend to focus more on intervention effect sizes than on their cost-effectiveness. Exploiting policy-induced variation in Denmark and using high-quality administrative data, we investigate the effects of a school intervention that introduces structured student career guidance in lower secondary school on upper secondary school admission. Disregarding the sunk-cost of implementation, the reform was cost-neutral. In a difference-in-difference framework we find that the reform increases admission to upper secondary school between 4.0-6.3 percentage points for immigrants, but shows at best small improvements for the native students.

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Titel: Increasing the admission rate to upper secondary school: the case of lower secondary school student career guidance
Forfatter: Anders Høst, Vibeke Myrup Jensen & Lisbeth Palmhøj Nielsen
Institution: Det Nationale Forskningscenter for Velfærd
Udgivelse: The Working Paper Series of The Danish National Centre for Social Research, 2012 (03)
Genre: Arbejdspapir
Omfang: 38
Årstal: 2012