In this article intercultural education is discussed, cases from the Danish upper secondary school are analyzed, and some requirements for further development are proposed. First definitions of the concepts communication, communicative action, intercultural communication and intercultural education are given. Starting from these definitions it is argued that intercultural communication as well as intercultural education is possible. Then two cases are analyzed. Finally – in the Discussion – it is underlined that the students’ metareflection on the context dependence of the knowledge construction process is a pivotal precondition for successful intercultural education.

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Titel: When The Entire World is Pushed into the Classroom - Reflections on Communication, Interculturalism and Education and on Intercultural Education in the Danish Upper Secondary School
Forfatter: Peter Hobel
Institution: Institut for Kulturvidenskaber, Syddansk Universitet
Udgivelse: Nordidactica - Journal of Humanities and Social Science Education, 2013 (1), s. 227-252
Genre: Forskningsartikel
Omfang: 16
Årstal: 2013