The authors adress a number of inter-related issues in learning theories, learning designs, implementation and sustainability of e-learning communities and collaborative issues including collaborative dialogue and theories of communication. As researchers and practitioners (i.e. people who are actively involved in design, implementation and delivery of networked e-learning and who carry out critical research within that practice domain) – the authors intend to present three papers based on three critical case studies. The three cases (carried out and researched by each of the authors) describe and illustrate different ways/models of incorporating digital technology in learning designs.






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Titel: E-Learning Concepts in Higher Education
Forfatter: Elsebeth Korsgaard Sørensen, Helle Mathiasen & Christian Dalsgaard
Institution: Institut for Informations- og Medievidenskab, Aarhus Universitet
Genre: Paper til fremlæggelse
Omfang: 3
Årstal: 2009