Policy actions to improve the nutritional environment include the provision of official
food service guidelines. This study aimed to examine compliance with food service guidelines for
hot meals as well as self-evaluated focus on food waste reduction across settings, i.e., elementary
schools, upper secondary schools and workplaces, and different canteen characteristics. The same
five criteria for hot meals were applied for all settings with regard to serving of fruit and vegetables,
fish, wholegrain product and high fat meat and dairy products.

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Titel: Characteristics of Canteens at Elementary Schools, Upper Secondary Schools and Workplaces that Comply with Food Service Guidelines and Have a Greater Focus on Food Waste
Forfatter: Anne D. Lassen, Lene M. Christensen, , Max P. Spooner & Ellen Trolle
Institution: Danmarks Tekniske Universitet Fødevareinstituttet, Danmarks Tekniske Universitet Institut for Matematik og Computer Science
Udgivelse: International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health 16(7),
Genre: Forskningrapport
Omfang: 17
Årstal: 2019