With the increased and prominent role of the idea of evidence-basing education, significant differences in the perceptions of this idea have emerged both internationally and in Danish educational research, practice and education policy.

On the one hand, the idea of evidence-basing or informing education has been welcomed internationally and in Denmark.

On the other hand, numerous education researchers in Denmark view the same evidence-based methods as a negative consequence of accountability-policy output control, in which efficiency seems to be the main value. It is questioned whether evident knowledge can possibly be sufficient to find out what works. At the same time, concerns are expressed that the future of education might end up being merely technical and instrumental. In this view, the teaching of concepts and methods has one primary practical purpose: to educate students for a globalized competition society. 

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Titel: Approaches to The Notion of Evidence and Evidence-based Education in Denmark: Contributions and Discussions
Forfatter: Ane Qvortup, Karen Bjerg Petersen & David Reimer
Institution: Institut for Kulturvidenskaber, Syddansk Universitet
Udgivelse: CURSIV, 2014 (14), s. 7-17
Genre: Artikel
Omfang: 10
Årstal: 2014